Mise-en-scène curated by Casey Wei, for the Western Front Artist-in-residence, Kings Gate Mall, June 2014

Soundtrack by Cian Williams

In the context of the shopping mall and the artist talk, everyone is invited to sell themselves, emphacizing that the structures of the art machine are embedded within the very system (capitalism) artists are contempting. In a culture of persuasion, all ideas are for sale.

TV INTERVIEW ON CBC-Radio-Canada  as an integral part of the piece. 

Video document by Sydney Gregoire

Anti-Talk / Site-Specific / Performing the Fiction of the Real / King’s Gate Mall / Commercial Centre / Promo Orgy / Culture of Persuasion / Everything that comes out of our mouth is for sell / ideas / feelings / Red Ribbon / Mall Stanchions / VIP section / Black Diamonds Stamp / HARLEQUIN / THE COYOTE / Artiste Talk as an object / Show and Tell / Speak and Sell / Where are the two Black rappers from Ste-Lucie / They said they would be my bouncers / Tricksters / Irreverence about irrelevance / Artist talks as Promo / My Audience you ask? / Who Cares About Audience / people who get my work is my audience / Dah / VIP / Speech is capitalism / Human Nature is Capitalism / All we do is Buying Time / You did not notice? I am not here to convince you / Not a one-liner critique here either  / Try sum it up / Just Try Sum it Up / Art as Window Display / Show and Tell / Art as Window Display / Look at Me / Look at me / Turning My Back / Turning My Back to Audience / You Don't Understand, Roddy McDowell says, I Am Playing For Myself / Why Are We Here For / Looking for motifs / Pattern Seeker / Everything Speaks / Aspirations / Artist Talk for Dummies / Art as a Riddle / Riddle me / Delinquents Hanging at the Mall Up to No Good / Give me some of that tainted Punch / Flâneur / Andy’s Campbell Soup / Tableau Vivant / POP POP POP / Tableau vibrant / PUNCH / La Borde Clinic / THE SPIDER / You really want me to explain myself / Well Good Luck / Try to catch me if you can / I will not talk in Front of My Work / No slides here / What is Going On Here / Situationism without Marxism / Rave Scene / THE BATS / Canned theory /  Deconstructing poetry is an Embarrassment / Ask me something NEW / Performing the Fiction of The Real / Wild West / Take a Pill / Take a Walk on the Wild Side / Artist Talk HAHAHA / POMO / Chaos / Moirés of Capitalism / Open Mic / Air time / You think I am here to give you what you want? / Explaining my myself? / Justifying it / For you to validate it / HAHAHAHAHA / Right Right / What Are you here for / you want some theory / you want concepts behind my actions / Think by yourself for once / Artists read all sorts of things you see / All Sorts of Things / Work comes from the word egg / Oeuf / oeuvre Monks of society with the added fun / The added Punch / Respect the Source Charlie Rose / respect the Source / here is another thought / Feeling Generous / FREE / My Gift To You / THE most expensive thing by weight ? / because why? / Because Invaluable / Now Get the hell Out of Here / FREE me / Spare me / Done here / Thanks everyone for coming / Applaud / Applaud / Big Fan / Now Go Sell Yourself