PERFORMANCE curated by Casey Wei, Western Front Artist-in-residence, Kings Gate Mall, June 2014

SOUNDTRACK designed by Cian Williams



INTERVIEW ON CBC-Radio-Canada as part of the piece


 INTERVIEW ON CBC-Radio-Canada as part of the piece

Video document by Sydney Gregoire


Anti-Talk / Site-Specific / Performing the Fiction of the Real / King’s Gate Mall / Commercial Centre / Promo Orgy / Culture of Persuasion / Everything that comes out of our mouth is for sell / ideas / feelings / Red Ribbon / Mall Stanchions / VIP section / Black Diamonds Stamp / HARLEQUIN / THE COYOTE / Artiste Talk as an object / Show and Tell / Speak and Sell / Where are the two Black rappers from Ste-Lucie / They said they would be my bouncers / Tricksters / Irreverence about irrelevance / Artist talks as Promo / My Audience you ask? / Who Cares About Audience / people who get my work is my audience / Dah / VIP / Speech is capitalism / Human Nature is Capitalism / All we do is Buying Time / You did not notice? I am not here to convince you / Not a one-liner critique here either  / Try sum it up / Just Try Sum it Up / Art as Window Display / Show and Tell / Art as Window Display / Look at Me / Look at me / Turning My Back / Turning My Back to Audience / You Don't Understand, Roddy McDowell says, I Am Playing For Myself / Why Are We Here For / Looking for motifs / Pattern Seeker / Everything Speaks / Aspirations / Artist Talk for Dummies / Art as a Riddle / Riddle me / Delinquents Hanging at the Mall Up to No Good / Give me some of that tainted Punch / Flâneur / Andy’s Campbell Soup / Tableau Vivant / POP POP POP / Tableau vibrant / PUNCH / La Borde Clinic / THE SPIDER / You really want me to explain myself / Well Good Luck / Try to catch me if you can / I will not talk in Front of My Work / No slides here / What is Going On Here / Situationism without Marxism / Rave Scene / THE BATS / Canned theory /  Deconstructing poetry is an Embarrassment / Ask me something NEW / Performing the Fiction of The Real / Wild West / Take a Pill / Take a Walk on the Wild Side / Artist Talk HAHAHA / POMO / Chaos / Moirés of Capitalism / Open Mic / Air time / You think I am here to give you what you want? / Explaining my myself? / Justifying it / For you to validate it / HAHAHAHAHA / Right Right / What Are you here for / you want some theory / you want concepts behind my actions / Think by yourself for once / Artists read all sorts of things you see / All Sorts of Things / Work comes from the word egg / Oeuf / oeuvre Monks of society with the added fun / The added Punch / Respect the Source Charlie Rose / respect the Source / here is another thought / Feeling Generous / FREE / My Gift To You / THE most expensive thing by weight ? / because why? / Because Invaluable / Now Get the hell Out of Here / FREE me / Spare me / Done here / Thanks everyone for coming / Applaud / Applaud / Big Fan / Now Go Sell Yourself