Caméo Royale


Every guest invited was a cameo of themselves, with live acts by Casey Wei, Phoebé Guillemot (RAMZI) Chris Franklin Blackmore (THIN GAZE), Kara Hansen, Emma Metcalfe Hurst, YU SU and Scott Johnson Gailey with the CAMEO ROYALE's in house DJs Darwin Meyers and Josh Magneticring for the intermissions. They both had an incredible collection and a cool pre-middle-age vibe about them. It was supposed to be Tanner who would DJ with Evy and Olivia signing from their Bobo Eyes gig, but Sharona had denounced Tanner as a violent boyfriend a few weeks before on social media, which seriously dented our little paradise for a while. Vancouver was so provincial that our community was divided over lover's arguments. Our hearts were heavy. Same thing happened with NFradio when an intern had the bad luck to mistake Samira for 'another Black DJ". An honest mistake as there were very few black women DJs in that scene at the time. As if NFradio was racist. Samira could have handled it better. The problem with Vancouver is that it always shoots itself in the foot while screaming super loud in the air. NF radio closed down and it was the end of another really great thing. I remember seeing Sharona and Tanner from Cedric"s studio and....(snippet from A VENDRE)