mise-en-scène-literature, september 2018,  Castello Montestrutto, Settimo Vittone, Italy 

photo by Scott Gailey


Video by Maya Beaudry for Regular Fantasy's R U Talkin to Me for CHATEAU A VENDRE: La Résidence Band Camp



sur invitation 


Logan Sturrock


Olivia Meek

Regular Fantasy

Kara Hansen

Jean Anton Napoleon Brazeau

Downtown Solutions

Frieda-Raye Green


Mel Paget

Mass Marriage

Maya Beaudry

Graham Landin

Yu Su

Scott Gailey

Yu’re Me

Ovide Cohen

Eli Bornowsky

Marie-Hélène Tessier

Gregg Smith

Nicolas Boone

Sylvain Sailly

Jonathan Loppin


CHATEAU A VENDRE is part of a series of artworks, about the notion of the ‘regal’ in the imagination of the ‘people’, and how historical places of power, struggle to keep face, within the new AirBnB + IKEA economy.  It is a document looking into the aspirations of every surface, converging into the seemingly different languages of the art machine, real estate and tourism. 


CHATEAU A VENDRE is an artwork borrowing the hackneyed concept of a ‘contemporary art residency’, as a form, and imposing it as a foreign body, onto a site, which has its own set of aspirations. It is a sculpture-vivante registering itself within a hybrid practice of mise-en-scène and literature live.


CHATEAU A VENDRE is a fake Real art residency, with real guest artists and composers producing site-specific works for a neo-gothic villa in Piemonte, the Castello Montestrutto; a vaguely Nietzschean dream (not ours) with 1930’s fantasmagoria decor. A Banff-CAMP express at the foot of the Alps ! A mini Villa Medici with LSD.

An Exclusive Offer-All-Inclusive Art Residency

with an artist-fee-travel bundle, a free robe and a dance party with Florist and Pallazzi all-night-long !


CHATEAU A VENDRE;  a last coat of utopia !


CHATEAU A VENDRE is also a vinyl recording AND a novella.  A constellation in orbit under the equinox sky; a Sothebys Real Estate Art-Chalet; an alpine themed bar mitzvah; a Gesamtkunstwerkfest ! September 22-26, Settimo Vittone, Piemonte,


CHATEAU A VENDRE by Marie-Hélène Tessier,

with the generous support of Conseil des arts du Canada