Mise-en-scene for the launch of CONTOUR, edited by Jacquelyn Ross for Blank Chèque, Publication Studio, Vancouver, 2016


Eventually, the Papineau family, ruined, sold their stolen lands to a Swiss eccentric who employed three thousand men in one day, invited to set camp and work towards the erection of a charming ostentatious edifice, a little out of place, not only on site, but in time, in the midst of 1929 crash. Construction workers building non-stop, around the clock, under lanterns at night. A monument to irrationality in 3D. Ten thousand cedar logs shipped from British Columbia, painted black with red edges. Are we in Transylvania? Gigantesque logs, dispatched, a parade of logs on 4000 kilometers, from nowhere in the middle. Montebello. The village priest was summoned to Rome to make sure the work site would be operating even on sundays. A costume ball for the opening ceremony, someone came in as a Tang Dynasty princess. Where are we?