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Mise-en-scène on Second Beach for Instant Coffee Field House Projects and BC Culture Days, Vancouver, September 2015
A piece about the aftermath of the Festival of Neo-liberalism leaving us homeless, and the image of protest and resistance in the media and therefore in our collective memory. 

   Second Beach, September 2015

    Openheimer Park Tent City, October 2014, found image

A tableau-vivant recreating the image of a recent historical event, TENT CITY, in October 2014. We are bringing East-Side sensibilities of social justice concerns, such as homelessness and land issues, expressed in Oppenheimer Park, replayed into a West-Side apathetic middle-class backdrop of leisure,
on Second Beach in Stanley Park.

The first event-image is re-enacted into a second image-event, as the memory of a mediated revolutionary moment, when everything was still possible; we are restaging a moment of hope which has vanished into the general status quo of back to normal, business as usual.

If Lenin said that Revolution is the Festival of the Oppressed, here, the language of protest and the language of excess (capitalism as a festival and its aftermath), is remixed into the spiral of the symbols of the tent: homelessness, protest, occupation, refugees, unceded land, nomadic, leisure, festivals, camping, conic iconic. The mis-en-scène was also inspired from the stories told by people who experienced Tent City as a community, as a family, as a safe suspended time; HOME

Here, the image of human hope is restaged with the added tension of fake versus authenticity, over current and recurrent issues of poverty and inequalities within a struggling democracy. This installation is not trivializing human sufferings, nor it is about aestheticizing poverty, nor it is about gratuitous cultural appropriation.

This is about the fiction of the real. This is about the déjà-vu of injustice and the mirage of revolution; about home has an hallucination. This is about the amaranthine quality of the Wild West mentality.

Every one welcome!