Mise-en-scène, Château Marmont, Los Angeles, 2013 

 Photography Steven Audia

(...)The Aura of the Rich and Famous. The crazier our demands the more help we got. In our case it meant we could throw a huge party by the pool all night without having the staff questioning our exccess. I wanted the feeling of everything taken care of by itself where I could float for a few days hallucinating the piece with my entourage.  All Pam really asked for, was to snort cocaine on the bum of a Black drag hooker, which was rare for an art collector. Her and I signed a secret deal at the Bel Air (she chose the place and ordered caviar, champagne, etcetera). The waiter was sulking a bit because we arrived five minutes after lunch was over. The pianist played the three last notes of a Casablanca song as we flew through the fading dining room onto the still lively patio. She was the producer after all, so I had to tell her I was planning on stealing her credit card, as a metaphor about artists and their collectors...(Excerpt from Numéro comique, the serial)

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