Mise-en-scène, Château Marmont, Los Angeles, 2013 

 Photography Steven Audia

(...) Pam was my art collector since I graduated from art school and she played a central role in this piece by renting a bungalow by the pool. She invested thousands of dollars in this piece in exchange for a small painting. I wanted Chateau Marmont for all the obvious reasons of glorious-decadent etcetera. There was nothing subtle about the idea of emulating the famous infamous and we just had to throw ourselves onto Los Angeles in an expected way. I made it clear to everyone that we were not going to look at Los Angeles, but that Los Angeles was going to look at us. That part of the project worked out nicely. They liked us. Money is always a game changer and this project was about ‘rich and famous’. Pam was rich and we were famous, and from there, all the doors were opening, one after the other. The richer you are the more doors open. Being rich and famous is all about doors opening, like an endless series of portals where one barely touches the ground. I wanted us to feel the entire thing like we were inside a drone, gliding for a week, using naturally occurring currents of rising air in the atmosphere to remain airborne, a lifestyle inside suspension. When people assume you are R & F, you gain an instant glow, the same aura that comes with wealth or extreme wealth. The aura changes colour depending if you are a millionaire, a multimillionaire, a billionaire or  multibillionaire, while a trillionaire is an entirely different vibe. Trilionnaire means you have made it to the very top of the world and finally out of the burden of hierarchies. Doors kept opening from taxis to bars to restaurants, your entire existence is on a guest list, which was not very different than our life in Vancouver, but experiencing in unknown territories gave it a new dimension. We could have been anywhere. Open doors like open arms. When you are rich and famous you can do whatever you want and no questions asked. The crazier the demands the more help you get and the more gifts you receive. In our case it meant we could throw a huge party by the pool all night without having the staff questioning our rich and famous-excess vibe. I wanted the feeling of everything taken care of by itself where I could float for a few days hallucinating the piece with my entourage.  All Pam really asked for, was to snort cocaine on the bum of a Black drag hooker, which was rare for an art collector. Her and I signed a secret deal at the Bel Air (she chose the place and ordered caviar, champagne, etcetera). The waiter was sulking a bit because we arrived five minutes after lunch was over. Two unknown ladies of a LA waiter’s worst dream. The pianist played the three last notes of a Casablanca song as we flew through the fading dining room onto the still lively patio. She was the producer after all, so I had to tell her I was planning on stealing her credit card, as a metaphor about artists and collectors...(Excerpt from Numéro comique, the serial)

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