Mise-en-scène, curated by Steffanie Ling for LIT LIT LIT LIT Or Gallery, Vancouver, 2016

Or Gallery, LIT LIT LIT LIT, curated by Steffanie Ling and Emma Metcalfe Hurst 


Pre-puber drag queen bellowing the cult song from Harry Horror Picture Show, A Touch-A Tpuch-A-Touch Me while  swallowing their microphone suggestively. Portrait of a Far-West city where cards are harshly played. ‘Cowboy-Indian’ mentality. Bourbon. Beer-chaser. Twelve year old real estate speculator. Sex Worker junkies, naked under furs. If everyone is a cowboy, the question is, what kind of cowboy are you? We are all colonized. We are all Romanized.  Insurmountable genocides. Territory wars. DTES vanished women, murdered one by one. Zombies. Homeless, Tent City. Depravity two blocks away from here. A blue feather asks us to find balance. The yellow feather expresses powerful wisdom? The red feather comes from fire energy therefore related to earth. The white feather asks to anchor ourselves, to take root. Where are we?