Mise-en-scèe, curated by Steffanie Ling and Emma Metcalfe Hurst for LIT LIT LIT LIT 

Or Gallery, Vancouver, February 2016

A piece about the portrait of the downtown east-side / Coast Salish territorry, onto which the Or Gallery is situated, with Sasha, the land speculator, Max in ragdoll drag, and Ovide as the good cowboy. Everyone in attendance was asked to come wearimg a cowboy hat. This was a week before the Wood Land School Critical Anthology Symposium and right at the time when the New York Times rightly labelled Vancouver as having a Wild West mentality making crack money on land speculation. I asked everyone to participate on the day of, including asking Monique to come trace her contour technique on the naked body of Juliette, the escort. She violently declined publicly while the piece was unfolding  in real life, making the Wild West mentality manifest itself in endless forms, it became out of control, a true free-for-all. Some villagers jumping on the band wagon tried to drive me out of town, again...