Mise-en-scène, curated by Steffanie Ling for LIT LIT LIT LIT Or Gallery, Vancouver, 2016

  (...) Sasha was the land speculator. One hour before this stupid show slash potrait of our Wild West city of Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia on the posh Canadian Riviera. No ome understood portrait painting in those days, and I had no patience to explian anything. All this explaining about art really started to get to me. It was an insult to visual arts. I liked to talk about things, but I never liked to explain. Ovide as the good cowboy, of course, and Max decided to come as a ragdoll drag queen singing Touch Me from the Horror Picture Show. I had seen him performing this act at his theatre high school. Max was total dance-singing-theatre since I knew him. He looked like he was doing a fellatio to the microphone which gave a risqué feel to having children be sexualized at the tender age of 13 or 14 (...) (Excerpt from A VENDRE) sketches by Mel Paget.