Hôtel Particules

mise-en-scène, Paris, 2018

(...) Rosa was superb, her face brought me such joy, I knew she would insist to bring us fresh oranges and sliced white bread, eventhough I had told her that we were catching a train for Italy early in the morning. Patrick's new wife looked like a French version of Britney, clashing with her psychanalyst aspirations. The advetized their life-style ''weekends in Calvados'. She wore red patent shoes and had a naive understanding of class. When I asked her about the paintings, she had no idea. This was not her life. She had bought it, with all the books in it. She had bought an intellectual bourgeois life style. The hôtel particulier belonged to Marie Bonaparte who used it as her therapist office where she received patients on the daybed which was still there with her desk. I napped on it after we came back from Concrète which was also petrified. Paris was not Paris anymore. Paris was dead. Thankfully there was no complete whitewash and all the wood was preserved. The Bonaparte family gossip followed us all the way to Rome, via Francigena. For dinner, I ordered couscous from the best morrocan in Paris, Founti Agadir, rue Monge. Tariq was superb. His pastilla is out of this world, I kept one for the chalet. I love when food is carried from one house to another, from city to city...from Paris to Piemonte, on a train we almost missed, train, added to the parades of objects I am fond of; tableaux, dishes, instruments, luggages, art...I never get out of processions. The form is irresistible. The train rride was not exactly the Alpine spectacle I advertized in the imagination of my crew. This vaguely Nietzchean project with the Scalero family was subalpine, at the foot of the Alps, and it needed to travel through Via Francigena, not through Milan. Dominique's chateau was perfect for this analysis. Reinvesting places of power by occupying it with art, criticsm and was the mandate, while also trying to sale it with the art in it, because we all know that all wealthy poeple buying castles truly wants is la dolce 
vita dell'artista...(
excerpt from VENDUE) Photos courtesy of participants


HôTEL particules 


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                                        'Pas de fête ni de soirée'                                             


Friday Nght Dinner

tagine, couscous, pastilla, pâtisseries



Ovide Cohen


Récital de vents punk 13ième siècle 

Donato Mancini / Villon


 21 septembre 2018