Ficto-criticism and An infiltration in the gallery outside regular hours 


in response to the exhibition An Invitation to An Infiltration, curated by Jennifer Papararo, published by Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, 2010, 275 words. 


It is not the first time I insinuate myself during off hours

Artists competing in space

To make themselves heard and seen

Arena gallery

Self-erased or bold, sometimes clumsy strategies

The first thing made me very happy

Concrete poetry on cork board, not quite

More like poetry in time

Board members lost in conjectures

Imbroglio, discussions over an issue

that has the answer within the question

Kafkaesque concerns

reminded about the poetics of gesture

getting lost in technicalities

The paper performance occupies my imagination


Another happy thing

I’ve never heard about a four legged piano either

I keep falling, following

Intertextuality is always fun

even in mid-afternoon

Mise en abÎmes

Fiction within fiction within

Stealing a piano at the Louvre

Infiltration is always flirting with subterfuge

Counterfeiting, forging, pilfering, embezzling

Pervade, edge in, filter through, foist, sneak in

We can’t escape language, can we?

Foucault’s dispositif

I know, Foucault is not so fashionable

It’s ok, I am also a spectateur émancipé

Battlegrounds, platforms, gymnasium

Rules turned against the genitors

all that

Someone really understood the exercise

Artists are flag planters

Survival pushed to an extreme

becomes Cannibalism

and watered down, the Olympics

Athletes wanting to erase other people’s title


Pole vault out of scale

Imagination of an athlete crashing into the wall

or better, simply passing through, the ceiling

Think outside the frame they say

Again, occupying my mental space

in heights and in lengths


A strategist, a coach and a cold war specialist

We are all perched over some field

Coke or Pepsi

There is something in the fridge

about the decline of Fin de siècle

The switch matches the logo