text and performance curated by Amy Kazymerchyk, published by Exercise Gallery and coordinated with Lacan Salon, June 2013, 3000 words. Accompanied by a performance with musician Daniel Rincon, an installation recreating Freud’s Den in Vienna, two paintings, Exercise Gallery,Vancouver 




" Louise Bourgeois was sitting in the weaving room of her parents gallery, dealing antique tapestries. She was helping her mother with her restoration work, altering a Renaissance tapestry from which she had to remove all of the genitals; hundreds of penises; angel penises, godly ones, all cut off, to replace them with leaves, cloth, and what not. In the other room, her father was having a long-term affair with the home tutor, while Lacan was starting to understand that language cannot capture everything. The Icelandic Phallological Museum located in Reykjavik, houses the world’s largest display of penises, from whales, seals, land mammals and humans, including elves and trolls.