ODE to the Librarian

mise-en-scene: a one-minute Noise intervention at the Vancouver Pubic Library, with Mel Paget, Yu Su, Frieda-Raye Green, Blair Argol and Jean  Brazeau, curated by The Capilano Review, for Word on the Street Festival, 2014


Emergency Operation. Heart transplant urgency. A heart, still warm, beating, floating, flying, dispatched, landing on the roof of the Vancouver Public Library. A noise piece next level. The Noise of all Noise. Love. The heart. Several helicopters. Several hearts. Several operations. Everything is an emergency. Rain of live meteorites flaking off in free fall, coming towards us. Head launched backwards in suspension, take me, bodies in weightlessness passing through sonic speed. Love confessions disappearing at the speed of light. A funeral song. Walter Benjamin’s Arcades in Moshe Safdie’s POMO coliseum for a library. Why? The Library staff is freaking out. Too much noise, their heart is beating faster than usual. Librarians used to read the entire library and advise kings and compete with their vizers. Alexandria.Radical tearing of a quiet place. Security Guards are dispatched. Silence ! Stop this senseless racket. Too late. We are already done. This was meant as a 3 minute opera anyway. An hallucination. Jean was dispatched from work in a black limo. An out-of-frame brush stroke.



ZINE by Mel Paget, Frieda-Raye Green, M-H,Yu Su.