PLOT 308

A short-film by Mitch Charron and I, January 2015 

Los Angeles, January 2015 

Music by Mitch Charron

Part 2 of Série noire


Dear Mitch,

here is the beginning of the film which has already started,

whether it happens or not is irrelevent...
In your 1981 white convertible Riviera

or whatever you are able to borrow...

(If you decide to use your skateboard, 

as i think it might be better

The itinerary should start at SUPREME)

You will be driving to 1218 Glendon Avenue

After you park the car,

you start to drink and walk to 
Plot Lot 308
Preferably, you will be able to do that on February 3rd but not necessary.
I would like you to compose the music for thie entire ride

First as a ''background melody'' to our conversation

towards a dramatic finale
I am writing half the script,

which consists of a series of questions,

where your answers will provide the other half.
No filming

When you arrive to plot 308

you should definitely have a drink
This part should be the most important part of your composition

as there will be no talking