R e q u i e m

A mise-en-scène programmed by Julia Feyrer for Grunt Gallery, December 2014

(Part 1 of Série noire)

Inside her KITCHEN installation, Julia built a staircase, inspired from what she found in the archives during her residency, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the gallery. As my guest Aaron was leaving, he put on a song by De La Soul titled Tripping Down the Fucking Stairs, and as I was saying goodbye to him in the stairwell, Julia texted Eli from another dinner party, telling him that one of the founding member of the Grunt gallery fell down the stairs with his camera. At that moment, I knew I needed a professional stuntman for the choreography Julia commissioned me. I called the Canadian Association of Stuntmen and met with Michael Lewinson two days before the performance, asking him to trip down the staircase, during the opening-closing night, on Solstice. That week, we lost a brilliant light in our community; Lian Gregory committed suicide. As an hommage I asked violonist Emily Bach to improvise a madness song as a soloist. As Michael, the stuntman, was standing at the top of the stairs, taking photographs of Emily playing her mad violin, he suddenly fell down the stairs, with his camera, inert. Emily stopped her madness song and broke into cliché baroque tune.