works in progress with the generous support of Canada Council for the Arts Writer-in-Residence: A series of self-designed site-specific residencies about Performing the Real, to be compiled under one book project titled: Writer-in-Residence 



writer in residence in listening to Bach's Art of Fugue, inside my headphones, Fall 2012 until I know it by heart and can write from the memory of its entire melody, without lifting the pen. Fall 2013-Winter 2014, unpublished. A performative text towards an exhibition accompanied by a pianist. In progress 


writer in residence at the Waldorf Hotel room 128, about Polynesian Lounge, The Cabaret, peep shows and a feminist protest, Vancouver, 2010-2013. A text accompanied by a performance: a party in room 128 with characters of the Days of the Waldorf Hotel a year after its closing. Unperformed, unpublished 


writer in residence in art collector Craig Doyle’s private domain, entering his imagination through his collection of objects, between PC Sorcar and the history of rock n’ roll, between Louis Vutton S & M gear and a collection of Virgin Maries. Vancouver, Winter 2010. A text accompanied by a performance: a house part. Unperformed, unpublished 


writer in residence on a Night Train during the Arab Spring, Rotterdam- Berlin, April 2011.  A text accompanied by a performance at SFU Simon Fraser University, English department, February 2011, unpublished.


writer in residence at Château Montebello, Québec, November 2011, A text about a family reunion and the G-7summit meeting. A text. Unpublished

HOUSE, writer in residence locked inside my house alone. A text about the critical paranoid method, accompanied by a performance talking to myself, to inanimate objects and insects. Vancouver. August 2011, published by Rampike, fall 2013. 


writer in residence in unlimited shopping with a credit card stolen from my art dealer on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles. A text accompanied by a performance in L.A., December 2013, unpublished 

THE LOVER,writer in residence in a love affair, a series of meeting places where we sit side by side, looking ahead, on a chair lift, on the road, on a train, on a Ferris wheel, in a confessional, on a hydroplane, on horses, on a sofa, confessing our love, for art. In progress. A text about the impossibility of love and l’amour impossible as bookends, accompanied by a 24 hour performance on our breakup, or the simulation of it, in a room at the Sylvia Hotel, with commissioned artist Adam Waldron-Blain invited to play his violin all night. Towards an exhibition of the video. 


writer in residence in Brasilia, studying fascist utopia in decrepitude and write the film Antonioni never wrote, 2014 


writer in residence in a fallen aristocracy. A text accompanied by a series of objects about the identity of each character, in collaboration with textile-artist Caroline de Gentil de Rosiers, March 2014, towards an exhibition. 

MADE IN JAPAN, writer-in-residence in an artist's work and his live-work space, curated by Jeremy Isao and edited by Publication Studios, Vancouver. 2013-2014 

PERSIAN WEDDING  writer in residence at the Monarch at the Saint Regis Resort Hotel, Laguna Beach, California, June 2012. A text. Unpublished 


writer in residence at the Kootenay School of Writing during a poetry reading. A text accompanied by a performance about the artist as both the Aristocrat and the Revolutionary, about Being and Appearing and Jean de la Bruyère, curated by Louis Cabri and Donato Mancini for KSW, Vancouver, July 14th, Jour de la Bastille, 2012. 


writer in residence in a Dasha and a tree house, Vancouver, Summers 2012 and 2013; a series of conversations with artists and curators. A text. Unpublished 


writer in residence in a Limo, ongoing 2012, unpublished


writer in residence in a Funeral, Toronto, October 2012. A text. Unpublished 


writer in residence in Hallucinogenic Salons with writers and painters, ongoing. A text accompanied by a happening inviting the guests to enter the space under the influence. Unperformed. Unpublished 


writer in residence in FaceBook, Fall 2012, a series of ongoing site-specific aphorisms and a study of narcissism; the construction of the Self- Image, and a curatorial series of visual art-shows inside the space of Facebook as an intervention, September 2013, on-going 


writer in residence within a writer-in-residence, February 2013. A text accompanied by a series of Interventions: a clandestine champagne bar in a broom closet; curated works presenting the works of 

Steven Cottingham as my work; sending post cards to the faculty from the Spa at the Banff Springs Hotel criticizing both the hotel facilities and the Literary Arts Program; installation of aphorisms from, about, for and against Banff. Performed, unpublished 


writer in residence driving on Marine Drive in North Vancouver East to West in a loop until I understand why I had this idea. March 2014. A text. Unpublished. 


writer in residence in clandestine raves dancing until daylight, ongoing. A text. Unpublished 


writer in residence at the West Vancouver Sailing Club, July 2013. A text accompanied by a performance: a party on the yacht with Black People the first day of sailing presenting ourselves in front of the Commodore, July 2014. Unperformed-unpublished.